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Pitney Bowes values volunteer service and understands that the donation of time, attention and talent of its employees are important factors in promoting a better, more humane, fair and equal society.


The Petit Committee, a group formed by employees whose mission is to discuss proposals for voluntary actions for Pitney Bowes Brasil.

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Food Collection 

Donation of clothes, shoes, toys and food to the Salvation Army. Fundraising was made between family and friends of Camila Contracts.


The withdrawal was on  28.03.2021


Food Collection 

Donation of food and hygiene kits to the city of Aparecida do Norte. Two collections were made in April among employees, friends and family of Kael de Logística and delivered on 04.24.2021.


Food Collection 

Food donation to CAJEC.

The collection was carried out between employees Edilma Alves, Rubens Pereira and Juliana Fernandes  do Cond. Morumbi and Ricardo Guido Leader GE and delivered on 09.05.2021.


Socks for Good Campaign

With so many challenges that we have been living in the last few months, we cannot forget that the cold is coming and there are a lot of people getting cold on the streets of the city.


So how about doing good?

Just take your used and clean socks to any Puket store and deposit them in the polls!

See how easy it is to warm someone up this winter!


Solidarity Easter Campaign 2021

We bring joy, affection and hope with a sweet touch, to all children served by the PAC, following, of course, all safety protocols.


A  Pitney Bowes donated 150 boxes of candy.


Donation of Uniforms

Pitney Bowes donated 146 pieces with the exchange of uniforms: 80 polo shirts, 56 pants and 10 sweatshirt blouses in May 2021.


The NGO Resgatando Almas is a non-governmental organization created in the city of Santana do Parnaíba - SP, whose project is the rehabilitation of drug addicts, homeless people who are in a situation of inequality and social exclusion._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Food Collection 

With the collections, 800KG of food was purchased = 40 baskets. 

“PURPOSE” is a social project that was born in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the desire to bring hope to communities through donations of basic food baskets.

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Blood Donation Campaign 2021

Donate blood! Your blood donation can save up to 4 lives!

We have a team of active collaborators who are blood donors. Make life flow in the veins of those who need it.

For those who give it is a few minutes, for those who receive it is a lifetime.

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Vivo Unido Action 2020

The Volunteering Committee of Pitney Bowes Brasil and United Way would like to thank the employees who helped in the purchase of DIA VIVA UNIDO Social Action Kits.


In total, donations totaled 53 kits, 20 of which were donated by Pitney Bowes Brasil and its collaborators, plus 33 donated by the "Dedication for Education" Foundation. Our sincerest gratitude for the gesture of donating and transmitting joy to these children!

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2020 Uniform Donation

We donated 110 shirts from the old uniform,   to the São Paulo Social Fund, which resulted   in approximately 800 masks. They were produced by seamstresses hired in communities in São Paulo and then donated to needy people.

​ We donated 38 shirts of the old uniform with the application of a tag over the logo, to the Lar de Amor Francisco Cândido Xavier. 

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Live Christmas Action 2020

PAC - Children's Friends Project  

With the live, 30 children were sponsored. Pitney Bowes Brasil donated 90 kilos of food for the Christmas Lunch that took place on 12/19, where 2,000 marmitex will be served in the Cantagalo Community.


United VIVA Day  - 14 kits were donated by Pitney Bowes Brasil and 06 kits by volunteers, and another 75 kits and 150 books donated by the Pitney Bowes Foundation.

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Solidarity Easter 2019

Donation of Easter eggs to children undergoing cancer treatment who live in different states and are housed at CAJEC ( for treatment in São Paulo and to PAC - Projetos Amigos das Crianças (www.projetopac) that promotes personal and social development.

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Food Collection 2019

Donation of  350 kilos of food in favor of PAC - Projetos Amigos das Crianças.

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2019 Uniform Donation

Pitney Bowes carried out the Gymkhana do Bem Campaign and   along with the uniforms that are no longer used by our employees, made a donation to the NGO Resgatando Almas. The NGO is made up of a group of missionaries who assist drug addicts and deliver food to homeless people.


In all, the 15 pieces collected in the campaign and 95 Pitney Bowes uniforms were donated, which won a beautiful tag on the company logo.

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Blood Donation Campaign 2019

Pitney Bowes employees who participated in the Blood Donation Campaign, together will save 40 lives with the gesture of solidarity.

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Vivo Unido Action 2019

The objective of this event is to mobilize companies and their employees to transform the environments frequented by children into playful spaces that encourage learning, family and community life.


Pitney Bowes with its collaborators  made it possible to organize yet another CEU in underserved communities, providing pleasant and educational environments.  

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Christmas Party 2019

Pitney Bowes distributed 3,000 fruit popsicles free of charge, along with 54 Christmas kits collected by 18 operations and 36 employees at the Berrini and Barueri unit, on December 7, at the Christmas Party of Canta Galo families assisted by the PAC.

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