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UPS Easy Pro 700VA_Reference 4164


Also known by the acronym UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), it keeps the devices continuously powered both in the presence and absence of the electrical network. For the latter case, batteries are used to keep the system in operation. There is the short autonomy configuration, so that the user only completes the task in execution; or of long autonomy, so that the work continues to be executed.

When electrical power is restored, the UPS returns to normal operation and automatically recharges the batteries.

Stabilized UPSs also correct the incoming electrical network, in addition to ensuring protection for connected equipment, it also allows the battery to be used less frequently, increasing its useful life.




  • Power factor:  0.7
  • Regulation range in mains mode: 89v to 260v [Ti] / 174v to 260v [M2]
  • Operating range in network mode: 80v to 266v [Ti] / 166v to 266v [M2]
  • Efficiency: > 95% with grid and > 85% with inverter
  • Inverter output regulation: < +/- 2% - with linear load
  • Inverter turn-on time: 0.8 ms
  • Internal battery charge time [up to 80%]: 8 hours
  • Inverter waveform: pure sine wave
  • Inverter output frequency [+/-1%]: 60 Hz
  • Regulation in network mode [complies with NBR 14373]: -6% / +6% [Ti] -4% / +4% [M2]
  • Powerlook - battery save [auto power off]: Yes [USB models]
  • Electronic overload protection: Yes
  • Voltage surge protection: Yes
  • varistor 65J [8x20μs]: 
  • Number of outlets: 6
  • Net weight [kg]: 6.1
  • Gross weight [kg]:  6.6
  • Equipment Dimensions H x W x D [mm]: 168 x 138 x 375
  • Packaging dimensions H x W x D [mm]: 230 x 140 x 390



  • Line filter against disturbances in the electrical network.
  • Under and over voltage protection.
  • Overload, short circuit and over temperature protection.
  • Protection against full battery discharge.
  • Fast-acting fuses and varistyres.
  • Telephone protector for fax/modem card.
  • Over-power (overload), short-circuit and over-temperature protection.
  • Spare fuses (optional). 
  • Quick coupler, making it easy to install the drum module [only CBu - 700VA models]
  • All protected in the absence of power. According to NBR 14136
  • Automatic network selection.
  • Manages battery life and status.
  • Compatibility, flexibility and practicality in communication [only CBu and USB models]
  • Reduces power consumption of stand-by equipment [only CBu and USB models]


Weight : 6545 grams (gross with packaging)


Warranty:  1 year


Delivery Time: 3 to 7 business days after payment approval

UPS Easy Pro 700VA_Reference 4164

SKU: #4164

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    Only available for  São Paulo Capital and Metropolitan Region

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